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Here it is!  


"If you like your Blues with a roots-rock base, crooned by a velvety voice, kissed by harmonica and spiced with burning guitar solos, then you need the debut album HOW TO POLISH YOUR LONGHORNS by Canadian-based Jay Kipps Band.  


Recorded at Wildlife Sanctuary Sound, and produced by Stewart Gunn (The Haymakers, Grande Fir), Jay Kipps, chief songwriter and lead vocalist, delivers songs that are both melancholic and hopeful, forging stunning melodies, heartfelt lyrics, beautiful arrangements and sweet harmonies.  HOW TO POLISH YOUR LONGHORNS is an impressive, full-length debut offering from the Jay Kipps Band, showcasing their ability to blend multiple genres into a cohesive recording that makes for an enticing new record - effortlessly pushing the boundaries of traditional Blues into a modern, Americana landscape." 

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