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Jay Kipps:
Harmonica, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lyrics

The Jay Kipps Band are on the brink of great things.

Emerging from the ashes of The Over Under Band, a band that attracted a significant following in its five years of existence, The Jay Kipps Band formed in 2015 in the idyllic Hills of Dufferin County located just north of Toronto in Canada, and is the creation of the band’s enigmatic harp player and lead vocalist, Jay Kipps.


Jay, a staple performer at The Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival, having entertained audiences there since 2014, has performed at the torch ceremonies for the 2015 Pan Am Games, and has graced the stage of legendary Toronto venues such as The Dakota Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. He has shared the stage (and many campfires) with the likes of Jeff Healey, The Northern Pikes, The Vaudevillian, Connor Gains, Bill Poss, Paul Reddick, Catl and many others.


Thanks to his Father’s healthy record collection, Jay grew up on a steady diet of Harry Nilsson, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Ventures, Neil Young, The Band and The Grateful Dead. However, Jay didn't really expand on his passion for music as a musician until much later in his life, though put more accurately, the passion of being a musician found him.


A canoe guide, hitchhiker and world traveler in his youth, Jay found friendship and solace in the Harmonica. Traveling throughout the extreme of Northern Canada, down to Central America, across Europe and throughout the Himalayas, it was his harp that kept him company. After the death of a child, Jay dug deep into his emotions and his experiences, explored his passion for playing music, and started his first band - and just as his harp had comforted him and taken him to safe harbors in the remote wilderness, it continues to guide him through his musical journey today.    


Through The Jay Kipps Band, Jay has sunk his grief into his songs and now writes new, inspiring endings for his collection of sad stories.  Each tune grounded in authenticity and anchored with five generations of Canadian roots.  He speaks of home, loss, love, politics and even revenge. Wrap all of these things together and you will get a sense of Jay Kipps’ unique, and sometimes dark version of the modern-day Roots / Americana sound.


With his songwriting talent, his experiences, passion and his exceptional harp skills, it’s easy to understand why there is such huge anticipation and monumental excitement surrounding The Jay Kipps Band - and all this buzz even before they release their first record.

Watch’s clear that great things are coming from The Jay Kipps Band.

The Jay Kipps Band - “Everyone But Me” is scheduled for May 201

Chad Burford:

Lead Guitar, Lyrics

Chad  is a passionate and focused young musician who has laid down his roots in Orangeville Ontario Canada. Chad is a unique and creative songwriter as well as the delightfully expressive guitar player in the Jay Kipps band.

Throughout Chad's career he has developed his unique guitar style and sound driven from rock and soul influences such as Paul Kossoff, Link Wray and Roebuck Staples. Chad's smooth and groovy chord progressions along with his booming vibrato lead guitar tones leave listeners amazed and eager to hear more.

Chad's first debut on the live music scene was in a rock and roll group known as “The Pealers”. Creating a presence in local bars and nightclubs around his home town. Chad later joined a group called “The Lloydtown Rebels”, where he had the opportunity to play with a wide variety of talented young musicians. This gave Chad the ability to start creating new sounds and exploring many different genres of music. Chad then created his own group with former singer and rhythm guitar player Chris Lubker called “The Uncle Dirty band” focusing on rhythm and blues type tones and heavily influenced by early 1960’s surf guitar sounds.

Chad has recently been working with members of the “The Jay Kipps Band” to create original pieces derived from his early influences of surf rock, soul music and rhythm and blues.

Cory Bruyea:


Cory is an artist and musician based in Orangeville, Ontario

Chris Lubker:

Bass & Back Up Vocals

A man of mystery and fewer words, Chris is a gifted Bass player and represents the foundation and grove of The Jay Kipps Band.  Chris paid his dues and honed his funky chops in The Uncle Dirty Band with Chad before holding down the bottom end for The Jay Kipps Band.

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